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Forum: America Needs a Raise

April 25 - 26, 2018
All Day
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Please join and participate in this first of its kind forum hosted by the Greater Bristol Labor Federation!

The America Needs a Raise forum will be held on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. at the Bristol Public Library.

At the forum, leaders and workers will discuss issues regarding wages among working people in unionized employment. We hope to educate affiliate members, allies, and friends on issue specifics, relevant facts, and effective employment programs. This information will help us as we organize, advocate for fair, living wages, and as we lobby our representatives and work to ensure that those who truly represent our best interests are elected with our backing and are held accountable by us well after Election Day.

Agenda to include:

  • Opening remarks from Bristol City Council Member Mary Fortier and member of Greater Bristol Labor Federation
  • Affiliate and Allied Group introductions
  • Connecticut AFL-CIO President Lori Pelletier, on the importance of increasing the minimum wage to a living wage and the struggles on working families due to low wages
  • ULA Executive Director Amy Blackwood, on the importance of the Building Pathways Apprentice Program and jobs leading to careers
  • Connecticut Building Trades President David Roche on the importance of prevailing wage and ¬†Project Labor Agreements (PLAs)
  • Closing remarks from Greater Bristol Labor Federation President Mike Petosa

We need higher, livable wages and to share equitably in the prosperity which we labor to produce, which is why we must connect with one another and educate ourselves on our issues in order to organize, organize, organize most effectively!