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First Vice President

Keri Hoehne

Keri Hoehne is Executive Vice President and a Union Representative with the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 371 in Westport, CT. Local 371 represents approximately 8,000 members and has jurisdiction in Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, and Vermont. The UFCW International Union represents 1.3 million members throughout the United States and Canada. UFCW members work in a variety of industries including food processing, retail, retail food, and healthcare.

Keri began her career in 2001 as a Union Summer Intern and joined Local 371 as an organizer after graduating from Boston College in 2002. In addition to her work at the Local, Keri is a Torrington City Councilwoman and a Justice of the Peace. She also serves as a member of the Governor’s Workforce Council. Together with her husband, Keri is raising three daughters, and likes to camp, garden and make jam in her spare time.