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The CT Paid Leave Podcast

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Paid Leave is a hot topic in our country right now. The United States is the only industrialized nation in the world without a national paid leave policy, and Connecticut is one of only 9 states and the District of Columbia to have a state program in place. Other cities and states are working to join the paid leave movement. The Paid Leave Podcast examines the state of Connecticut's paid leave program and the impact it has on various groups and diverse communities. Radio veteran Nancy Barrow interviews the people who fought to make paid leave a reality in Connecticut, and those who will ultimately benefit from the program.

Getting CT Paid Leave passed didn't come easy. Host Nancy Barrow talks to the organization that is a strong supporter, advocate and coalition member, the Connecticut Women's Education And Legal Fund (CWEALF).  Executive Director Janée Woods Weber and Policy Director Maddie Granato discuss the long fight to get a paid leave law in the state, and how CWEALF supports and serves women and girls of Connecticut. They also discuss the organization's direction as it heads into it's 50th year.

Click here to listen to the latest CT Paid Leave Podcast.