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PETITION: Save the fire fighters at UConn Health Center

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Last week, 16 fire fighters at the UConn Health Center were informed they would all be out of a job on June 1st. But budgets should not be balanced on the backs of fire fighters and other public service workers, so the CT Police & Fire Union is fighting back.

Please take one minute to help our fire fighters by signing the petition to keep their fire house open.

Once you sign, please share it with your friends and family!

Fire fighters at the UConn Health Center respond to approximately 4,000 calls every year. That’s nearly 11 calls every single day. And UConn thinks they can rely on neighboring communities to respond to all of those calls while still providing service to their own towns, which is not practical. In fact, it’s a threat to public safety.

These workers provide a vital service to UConn and to simply eliminate their jobs will put the Health Center at risk.

Sign the petition and let management know you stand with our fire fighters.


Read our statement from last week in response to the closing of the fire house here.