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West Hartford Workers Win First Starbucks Union In Connecticut

Corbin’s Corner Starbucks Workers United
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June 9th, 2022 – Today, the NLRB counted the ballots for Corbin’s Corner Starbucks in West Hartford, CT. In a vote of 13-3 the partners (employees) won the union vote, becoming the first Starbucks store to win their union in the state of Connecticut. Corbin’s Corner (Store 7740) filed for union election in April, and received their election date mid-May. Despite opposition from Starbucks, the partners were able to successfully push for mail in ballots.

Mary Rodriguez, a shift supervisor at Corbin’s Corner, said, “It's time for our voices to finally be heard, we endured hardships and tribulations, but now we have come tighter united as one.”

The Corbin’s Corner is one of over a hundred Starbucks stores across the country to have won their union vote count. These continuous victories come despite Starbucks’ blatant union-busting across the country, and despite the company’s refusal to allow partners to exercise their right to vote free of fear and intimidation.

Workers have consistently asked former CEO Kevin Johnson, and now Interim CEO Howard Schultz, to sign the Fair Elections Principles and have yet to hear a response. 

Meghan Torla, a barista at Corbin’s Corner, said, “This is something we’ve been working on for a long time and we’re proud to say we’ve accomplished what many other Starbucks are doing also. This is a big step for not just us, but for all Starbucks baristas. This is promoting our equality as workers and will help provide even more confidence for other stores to make the change.”

“Our victory today is just the start of what I believe will ultimately be a fruitful  process. I want to thank our friends in our community for supporting us. They know how hard we work, and they deserve to receive a quality product made by an employee who is happy and secure. We Starbucks employees deserve fair treatment, and I look forward to other stores in Connecticut joining us to attain that,” said Travis Glenney, a shift supervisor at Corbin’s Corner.

There are now over 280 stores that have filed union petitions across 39 states with the Starbucks Workers United Movement. The next store’s vote count in Connecticut will be on July 14th for the 135 Talcottville Road location in Vernon.