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Workers are Human Beings. SB 163 Will Help Them Fight Injustice at Work.

David C. Dal Zin
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Ema Vasquez works at McDonald’s at an I-95 service plaza. She and her co-workers have been fighting against injustice in their workplace since 2019. Tired of being treated with disrespect, having schedules changed, hours cut and being denied sick time, they began the process to form a union.

They also learned they were victims of wage theft, having been denied the standard wage state contractors are required to pay. The Connecticut Department of Labor investigated and recovered $870,541 in owed wages to 264 McDonald’s workers in September 2020.

Today, Ema and her co-workers are still fighting for a union. They’ve had to sit through mandatory captive audience meetings, listening to the employer try to intimidate them with lies and disinformation.

Listen to Ema share what it’s been like and what she wants legislators to know.

Workers shouldn’t have to remind us that they are human beings.

SB 163 will let them protect their own freedom of speech by leaving captive audience meetings without fear of being disciplined or fired.

SB 163 does not limit employer speech. It prohibits the employer from retaliating against employees who don’t want to listen to their opinions on politics, religion and union organizing.

Help Ema and her co-workers fight to end injustices at work.

Click here to stand with them and support SB 163.