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Labor Applauds Senate Democrats for Legislation to Protect CT Workers

David C. Dal Zin
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Ed Hawthorne and Shellye Davis, President and Executive Vice President of the Connecticut AFL-CIO, made the following statements in response to the Connecticut Senate Democrats announcement of An Act Protecting Connecticut's Workers:

Ed Hawthorne, President of the Connecticut AFL-CIO:

"The labor movement is incredibly grateful for the leadership of President Pro Tem Martin Looney and Majority Leader Bob Duff. They have clearly listened to the problems facing working people across our state and crafted a bill that would substantially improve their lives. From providing pandemic pay to essential workers to protecting workers seeking to join together in union, this legislation is a game changer.

"For everything our essential workers have gone through, they deserve more than our gratitude. This bill shows them that Connecticut will provide them more than lip service."

Shellye Davis, Executive Vice President of the Connecticut AFL-CIO:

"Working people across the state thank President Pro Tem Martin Looney, Majority Leader Bob Duff, and the entire Connecticut Senate Democrats’ caucus. Over the last two years, thousands of workers have gotten sick, and many have died. This bill attempts to help all of those who were affected by the pandemic – whether they were on the front lines or lost their jobs. Expanding paid sick days, providing pandemic pay, and helping workers with post-traumatic stress injury will go a long way to creating a working people’s recovery."

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